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Hope Wirta

Hope lives with her husband of 30 years. She is a Biblical Counselor, Bible Teacher, Artist, and Speaker. She is currently pursuing her MDiv at Multnomah University and counseling with Grace Matters Ministries in Warren, OR.  She attends church at Athey Creek Christian Fellowship across the river in Portland.

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Her Story

Hope Wirta was trapped in one of her darkest times. Her husband died, leaving her to raise four children on her own. Desperate and at the end of her rope, she tried to be the best mother she could while maintaining a healthy relationship with God.


Hope married a second time to a wonderful man, excited about a fresh start. Even so, married life with Stan added new dimensions of complication to life.  Hope and Stan struggled to blend their combined seven children into a stable family. Additionally, Hope’s mother became dependent on her and Stan.


Under the intense strain, Hope turned to eating and consumer spending to cope with her confusion and pain. In an effort to bring her habits under control, Hope tried every solution she think of, but nothing worked. Finally, Hope realized that her compulsions were beyond the scope of sheer will power or conventional wisdom. She needed to surrender the underlying causes to God.


Hope's testimony of spiritual growth is chronicled against the backdrop of her messy, relatable family and her kind, committed husband. Audiences fall in love with Hope as she candidly shares the lows in her life and the precious moments with God that changed everything. Her words strike a chord with anyone who has or is experiencing a similar situation.

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